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Adult dating sites passwords

“It’s very hard to say, because this information is transient,” Graham-Cumming said.But Ormandy says his samples revealed highly sensitive data.The bug occurred in an HTML parser that Cloudflare uses to increase website performance — it preps sites for distribution in Google’s publishing platform AMP and upgrades HTTP links to HTTPS.

It took six days for the company to completely repair the bug and to work with search engines to scrub the data.

Ultimately, even Cloudflare itself was affected by the bug.

“One obvious piece of information that had leaked was a private key used to secure connections between Cloudflare machines,” Graham-Cumming wrote in Cloudflare’s announcement.

Attackers could have accessed the data in real-time, or later through search engine caches.

Cloudflare notes in its announcement of the issue that even at its peak, data only leaked in about 0.00003% of requests.

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“We keep finding more sensitive data that we need to cleanup.