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Its strong and impressively thick and high walls soar up from the waters of the river Lieve right in the middle of the old town of Ghent, rising above the rooftops of the surrounding streets.Inside, the vast arched halls and chambers contain exhibits of medieval life, but it's the castle's architecture itself that is the real star of the show.Dating from the medieval era, this impressive building once functioned as the main town market hall and has been wonderfully preserved allowing visitors a real taste of the architectural might of the Middle Ages.

In particular, the towns of Namur and Dinant act as a gateway to this region, which has a host of hiking and cycling trails for travelers who want to add some activities into their holiday.

Whether you're here for the ancient or modern history, Belgium doesn't disappoint and provides a huge chunk of European heritage within a bite-sized piece of land.

The most recognizable sight in Belgium is the beautiful belfry and Halle, which dominates the main square in Bruges.

Among the best facades are the Coopers' House and Grocers' House, but all of them are well-preserved examples of this Belgian-style of architecture. At the center is the Grand Place, a main square graced by a variety of typically ornate buildings that span a 400-year period, dating from between the 15th and 18th centuries, yet still retain a sense of symmetry.

In particular, the Toison d'Or House (1615) and the Chapel of St. Away from the Grand Place, the old town hides many more sightseeing opportunities.

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But plenty of other towns in the country - particularly Ghent and Mechelen - retain excellent architectural examples from the Middle Ages as well.

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