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Each partition can have separate physical attributes, such as compression enabled or disabled, type of compression, physical storage settings, and tablespace, thus providing a structure that can be better tuned for availability and performance.In addition, each partition can be managed individually, which can simplify and reduce the time required for backup and administration.Ensure that you have the appropriate privileges and quota on any tablespaces that you use.If you do not specify a tablespace in a statement, the table is created in your default tablespace.When specifying the tablespace to contain a new table, ensure that you understand implications of your selection.By properly specifying a tablespace during the creation of each table, you can increase the performance of the database system and decrease the time needed for database administration.

Following these guidelines can make the management of your tables easier and can improve performance when creating the table, as well as when loading, updating, and querying the table data.

After you create a table, you insert rows of data using SQL statements or using an Oracle bulk load utility.

Table data can then be queried, deleted, or updated using SQL.

In general, the relative performance improvement of specifying As your database grows in size, consider using table compression.

Compression saves disk space, reduces memory use in the database buffer cache, and can significantly speed query execution during reads.

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Unlike an ordinary (heap-organized) table, data for an index-organized table is stored in a B-tree index structure in a primary key sorted manner.