Who is frankie from the hills dating Free open sex private chats

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Who is frankie from the hills dating

Audrina says no way, so Lauren invites Audrina to crash in her room.As Audrina turns on her heels, she realizes that leaving Justin alone in the room means that he'll most likely have another girl in there to fill the void.Lauren guesses that he's invited "sleazies." And she's right! Soon, the boys and girls start pairing off, leaving Lauren and Audrina alone to chat.Lauren thinks Audrina should talk to Justin about her new boy Cory.Leaving their worries behind, Lauren and Audrina run down to the beach with drinks in hand as Justin watches them frolic in the water.Hanging in the pool together, the boys start dishing about Audrina, and Frankie reveals that she's dating Cory because he treats her right, unlike Justin.

After he asks why she isn't staying in the room with him, the tension rises as Audrina reminds him that he wanted to play the field.

She demands it back but he just taunts her with it.

When he swims over to give her a hard time, she walks away and flips him off.

In Cabo, everyone marvels at the sick villa they have ...

until it's revealed that Audrina and Justin are sharing a room.

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Meanwhile, Heidi and Stephanie are out shopping in The Hills when Stephanie reveals she has a new boyfriend, Cameron.

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