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Free sexmeet site no pay ever

Toscane Blog is mijn blog, mijn column, mijn Cronaca della Lunigiana.

Een andere dorpsgenoot gaat 's zomers elke dag naar het strand.

Iets waar niet alle Italianen begrip voor op kunnen brengen.

My Tuscany Blog is written with love and respect for all the inhabitants of my small hamlet in a lost and forgotten part of Tuscany.

It is my believe that sincere love includes the right to make fun about them too without any offence intended whatsover. Now I know what women feel if a man is not shaven properly...

Everywhere in Italy, people get together and eat and drink as part of the local social life. All invited bring something they cooked themselves, some bring wine, some bread, I usually bring some nice salamis ans some special focaccia. In my home country, we would be quiet when eating, in Italy the noise is at the level of the stock market floor after opening. ' Luckily the organizing lady had made sure the children were having their meals elsewhere. Just before midnight, the bottles of Prosecco were put on the tables and we all kissed each other a happy new year. Some time after midight I went home to check on my dog.

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Dat geeft waardering 'Ronald, je bent meer Italiaan dan Olandese! Je moet eten, na vrouwen, het belangrijkste in het leven vinden en altijd paraat hebben wat je gegeten hebt en gaat eten en hoe je het klaarmaakt. Waar je het haalt, hoe lang je het laat koken, welke kaas je gebruikt.

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