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David tennant dating georgia moffett

Georgie Moffett Age: 23 Miss Moffett is an up and coming actress, whose previous credits include, Where The Heart Is and The Bill.

The blonde beauty is the daughter of former Doctor Who Peter Davison and American actress Sandra Dickson but is keen to make her own name on screen.

He's gearing up to watch the final episode of Broadchurch, which is guaranteed to be an emotional one.

Jennie Fava Age: 27 Miss Fava is second assistant director on the latest series of Doctor Who, but also worked on shows such as Extras and The Chatterley Affari.It was written and directed by her father, and featured cameo appearances by her husband and her two older children (she was at the time of filming heavily pregnant with her third, and the webcast features a scripted scene of her going into labour).Moffett produced (again under her married name, Georgia Tennant) and starred in a short film called 96 Ways To Say I Love You, which also co-starred her husband David Tennant.Traditionally a man with an eye for blondes, Mr Tennant made a departure from type when he dated Miss Fava for a few weeks in April.The exotic brunette helped him celebrate his birthday and the pair were spotted on a string of romantic dates in Cardiff, including a concert where co-star John Barrowman was performing.

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