Network updating proposal

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They also include the counting of deaths as well as diseases, injuries, symptoms, reasons for encounter, factors that influence health status, and external causes of disease.

Since first going mainstream with The Pirate Bay and Showtime, cryptojacking has quickly become a favorite revenue stream for cybercriminals.

ICD-10 was endorsed in May 1990 by the Forty-third World Health Assembly.

It is cited in more than 20,000 scientific articles and used by more than 100 countries around the world.

Cryptojacking typically begins after Coinhive (Java Script code) is embedded on a compromised website.

Unsuspecting visitors then begin mining the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) in their browser.

So how many websites have Coinhive embedded in them?

This answer varies depending on the search engine used.

ICD is currently under revision, through an ongoing Revision Process, and the release date for ICD-11 is 2018.

All Member States use the ICD which has been translated into 43 languages.

Most countries (117) use the system to report mortality data, a primary indicator of health status.

The longer the Coinhive script stays on a compromised site, in addition to the amount/duration of visitors, directly correlates to the profitably of the cryptojacking session.

However, the operating cost is still nearly zero for the threat actor (hacker) planting the script.

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The processing burden of Coinhive is solely laid upon the client (end user).