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Dating newsletter templates

Additionally, we've recently added 4 new attributes to help with formatting images inserted into Contact Center messages.These attributes are Height, Width, HSpace and VSpace.Click here to watch a video on Newsletter Tips & Best Practices.Click here to learn how to upload one of the newsletter templates below to your Contact Center. First, copying and pasting from a program like Microsoft Word can often create unintended results.

Whatever number(s) you add here will be applied, in pixels, to the left side of the image and to the right (meaning that if you use a number like 10, 10px will be added to the left and 10px will be added to the rigiht, rather than 10 total px).You can customize these templates with your colors by selecting the appropriate table/table cell/table row and clicking either Table Row Properties or Table Cell Properties.In general, it is best to leave most of the settings of the General tab alone.As a best practice, you can remove the spaces entirely or replace space with dashes (-) or underscores (_), so rather than uploading an image called "my logo.png" use one called "my-logo.png" or "my_" 5.Each newsletter template was built using a table of contents containing anchor links that would 'jump' to another part of the email when clicked.

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For the alignment to work in Microsoft-based clients (Outlook, for example), the image should not be edited after it is inserted.