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Our journalists and titles consistently win awards for agenda-setting news and innovative storytelling, allowing readers to explore information via bespoke digital tools or live blogging and video to cover breaking news and sport.We are experts at using social media and pride ourselves on the digital training and development available to our journalists.A letter came to my college, it was the first time anything had been posted for me to the college, so straightaway I had the impression that something was wrong, that maybe I had done something and I was in trouble, or worst of all, after only being at the college for just over 2 months, I was going to be expelled.I asked my Teaching Assistant to read the letter to me, and as soon as she read it and it said that I had been nominated for the Against All Odds category of the Golden Apple Awards, I was both shocked and thrilled.

At the end of the week, I found out I was nominated along with a pair of twins with Cerebral Palsy and a 16 year old girl who was bullied at school because of having Epilepsy.The moment of tension of finding out whether you are a winner or not is a hard one to put up with, but it can be the moment your life changes for the better.AKESTER RICHARD One year ago today we lost you and you thankfully found peace after many difficult years.When my name was called out to say that I was the winner of the Award I was in shock, I least expected to be called up, I didn't think that having to put up with sight loss was as major as my other 2 nominees.This category was a very hard one to judge, I think.

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